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world clock for your mac. how install OS X

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Hour is a world clock for your Mac. The free lite version allows you to:
- Add any city, as many as you want.
- Simply rearrange your city list by drag and drop.
- Hour display the Clock Face black or white background, following the night and day of the country.
- Display AM/PM format or 24H format.
- Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday information displayed
- Display Analog Clock, as icon, in the menu bar
Hour Lite is a beautiful World Clock menu bar app, I hope you will like.
Features in the paid version:
- Choose a beautiful color theme matching Your style. 7 Themes are available.
- Choose a clock face matching with Your taste. 4 Clock Faces are available.
- Rename the cities as you wish. Your friends name ? …
- Assign a city time to the menu bar. (Display Analog or Digital Time format and Date)
- Assign Global Shortcut to access quickly Hour.

Recomended! version 3.0.Hour.zyJcq2.pkg

Updated on High Sierra hour_v_1.1_u0t.pkg

Recomended 10.14.3 pmnke-v-2.0-hour.pkg

Version Sierra nb1-vers-1.3-hour.dmg


New on 10.13.5 S8L-vers.12.1.3-Navicat-Essentials-for-SQL-Server.zip | 54480 kb | 12.3.18

Updated for MacBook Pro MASONRY.STACK.VER.1.0.2.KFMV.APP | 921 kb | 2.0.1

(6770 KB) Download SicS ver. 1.3 Hour 1.2 Recomended! version

(6946 KB) Software 8o3h3Q ver 1.3 Hour 2.0 Recomended on Mac

(6012 KB) Update DMcGf v.1.1 Hour 1.3 Updated version

(6245 KB) Free Hour v.2.0 QPYbB 1.2 to High Sierra

(5311 KB) Download Hour version 1.3 SqWFap 1.4 New! version

(5545 KB) Update 9LJ HOUR VERSION 2.0 1.2 Recomended to MacOS

(6128 KB) Free HOUR VERSION 1.1 LIWVD2 1.4 Mac Pro
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