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download Website-broken-link-checker-and-more..dmg to Mojave

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Main category -
Sub category - Developer Tools
Developer - PeacockMedia
Filesize - 7987
Title - Integrity Plus

Integrity Plus v.8.3.15

13-inch - Mid 2013
Allows editing of change frequency within the results table. Changes made are 'remembered' for future scans of the same site
Fixes a bug which could cause hanging or crashes in certain circumstances
Willing to sell your old Mac? Make a clone of your old disk. With HDM, you can sit back or continue your work while the software resizes partitions and copies data adjusting to the capacity of a new storage device. Once done, wipe your disk to make sure confidential and private data doesn’t fall into wrong hands. The wiping is performed with one of the ten military-grade erasure algorithms. You may also check the SSD Trim option to safely erase on-disk data or remnants of deleted files from solid state drives.
Antivirus and Malware Mac Protection for macOS Mojave
Version 3.5.2


Recomended 10.14.1 https://macpkg.icu/?id=53005&kw=hZ9_ver._8.1.01_Integrity_Plus.tar.gz (7987 kb)

Featured on El Captan https://macpkg.icu/?id=53005&kw=Integrity_Plus_vers_8.2.0_KpRk.zip (8306 kb)

Best! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=53005&kw=INTEGRITY-PLUS-VERS-8.0.9-BUKYN0.ZIP (7667 kb)

Fixes context help 'i' button for timeout and delay fields
small changes:Check Images is now on by default
Please read the Instructions before continuing. Optional, but highly recommended step is to install the Power Plan Assistant utility, as well.
Clear the existing configuration. Only available in Recovery OS.
You should verify all downloads. Even though :, the format, and the application's macOS digital signature provide some protection, they can be circumvented.
Blacklisted urls can be flagged (option added to preferences)
Trackpad++ Control Module for adjusting the trackpad settings. All possible settings put together conveniently, see screenshot;

| 7028 KB | Torrent GFuC Integrity Plus ver 8.1.14 8.1.19 Best! version

| 6788 KB | App 8.5.15 Integrity Plus 4NzEZG 6.11.13 Updated Sierra

| 7987 KB | Update INTEGRITY PLUS VERS.8.3.4 LOSCH 6.11.4 Language Hindi

| 7747 KB | Update 6.10.0 Integrity Plus HORTIa 6.11.1 Italian version

| 6948 KB | Torrent Integrity Plus ver. 8.1.0 klQ6 8.0.6 OS X

| 6629 KB | Full ORUESV INTEGRITY PLUS 6.9.1 8.1.21 for High Sierra

| 7907 KB | App Integrity Plus v 8.3.4 vc6HY 8.1.30 Chinese version

New iMac OeMrVF-iVAMP-1.9.8.zip 1.10.6

New for 10.14 LITTLE_SNITCH_V.4.3.4_GCI6NS.TAR.GZ 4.1.3
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