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how install Manage your song collections complete with lyrics and chords. to High Sierra

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2048 KB; LinkeSOFT GmbH; Home Personal; SongBook; Music

v 3.2.2 SongBook

SongBook manages your song collections complete with lyrics and chords. It comes with comprehensive, extensible chord libraries for guitar, ukulele, banjo and many other instruments. Based on the popular chordpro format.
- Click on a chord to see its definitions
- Edit chordpro songs with syntax highlighting and live preview
- Define playlists (sets), use auto-scrolling or auto-zoom for gigs or concerts
- Perfect companion to SongBook Chordpro for iOS.

Best! version ZIMTW.VER..3.3.2.SONGBOOK.APP (2396 kbytes)

on Mojave vers.3.1-SongBook-94hC.dmg (1884 kbytes)

Featured on Sierra SONGBOOK-2.9.2-HF1.DMG (1904 kbytes)

High Sierra SongBook-3.4.2-WNg2fg.zip (2437 kbytes)

LinkeSOFT GmbH
Official: http://linkesoft.com/songbook/mac

Mac T7fl-v-7.2.0-bibble-lite.tar.gz {127180 kb} 5.2.1

Featured El Captan qhc_Fb2Epub_1.14.app {6885 kb} 3.10

New on OS X PLACES2NOTE_V.1.13_YCC.APP {22923 kb} 1.9

Featured on MacBook Air Spotflux-2.11.4-eeJ7bd.pkg {67451 kb} 2.11.5

Updated version vers.1.4.Gas.Stations.CPMoPE.app {2636 kb} 1.3

(1904 kb) Free 5.2.2 SONGBOOK P0DAMH 3.2.1 Featured iMac

(1699 kb) Free V.3.4.2 SONGBOOK QUBE 3.1.2 Version iMac

(2027 kb) Download 24P SONGBOOK VER 2.9.4 3.5.2 OS X

(1945 kb) App SongBook 3.2.1 uU5b 3.1 MacOS

(2273 kb) App SongBook vers 3.0 wCBj 3.2.3 Updated to Sierra
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