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how download v 1.4 AweCal 10.13

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AweCal allows you to easily manage your time and organize your days! AweCal is the best organizer for your tasks, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with a rich set of features including:
Advanced Calendar:
- Supports multiple calendars, color code and put them in the same view.
- Calendars can be merged.
- Show or hide any calendar.
- Lunar date supported.
- Tasks are integrated with calendar events.
- See events, tasks and notes in all views: Day, Week, Month Year or List.
- Group events, tasks and notes by Calendars, Dates, Manual or Contexts.
- Time "line" shows you how much free time you have left in all views.
- Flexible weekday starts, working day hours and sorting.
- Search in advanced.
- Support 5-day week.
Save your time - Quickly create:
- Events, tasks and notes can be created anywhere, by click or drag.
- Drag and drop task, event and note anywhere to change its time automatically or convert it quickly.
Events and Tasks:
- Integrated with Google map.
- Copy and paste to anywhere.
- Integrated with Contacts to add invitees.
- Alert with snooze.
- Support many kinds of attachments: photo, text, pdf.
- Multiple font sizes supported.
- Priority task with important levels.
- Sorting tasks with different criteria.
- Completed tasks can be exported as photos, pdf.
- Quick create from pulling Contacts.
- Change priority by moving it.
- Events and tasks can be formatted as checklists so you know what needs to be done and what you have already accomplished.
- Easy to show/hide completed checks.
Multiple Notes:
- Multiple notes per day.
- Stylus notes supported.
- Notes can be linked to Calendars and Contexts.
- Create task or event from a note or part of note.
- Multiple fonts for notes.
- Exported and/or air print your notes.
- Send your task or event to a list of people in text format via email.
Smart Schedule:
- Schedule your tasks one by one, in groups, or all at once.
- AweCal will fit your list of tasks by booking them into your calendar.
Smart Timer:
- Tasks and events can be timed. Just set the timer.
- Timer logs can be exported as photo or PDF file for viewing/printing later.
- Set multiple times for a single task or event.
- Task can be synced with Toodledo, Google tasks and built-in Reminders.
- Event can be directly synced with Google calendar and iCal, where you can sync data to Outlook, Mobile Me, Google calendar, etc.
- AweCal can sync with other AweCal (Mac or iOS version) via AweCal cloud.
- Sync with multiple devices via AweCal cloud.
- Sync can be done in both auto and manual mode.
- Save your data simply by one-mouse-click. You can restore from there when you need to.
- Support automatically backup your data when the app starts.
Intuitive Interface:
- Clean looking and easy to understand.
- Minimal click/type to enter your data.
- Easy to complete task with one click.
More and more features need your discovery...

New MacOS ver._1.6_AweCal_GWl.app | 10951 kb |

to MacOS x0rxk-awecal-v-2.4.pkg | 8285 kb |

Version to High Sierra AweCal_vers.3.4_Jhf.tar.gz | 8665 kb |

Recomended for iMac Pro AweCal.ver..1.8.MoXu.tar.gz | 10284 kb |

Featured for iMac Pro vers.1.7.awecal.0ml.zip | 7713 kb |

New on MacBook Air 9El9_AweCal_vers_1.5.tar.gz | 7808 kb |

Advsoft Inc.

on MacOS X8A.VERSION.1.1.HASTEN.TAR.GZ [2211 kbytes] 2.0

MacOS PRISM.2.74.UKE.ZIP [5350 kbytes] 2.73

on MacBook Pro Audulus-vers.3.5.1-LHf.zip [13579 kbytes] 3.7.1

Updated to 10.11.5 VERSION_1.9.2_DOUBLE_COMMANDER_DAP50.APP [20144 kbytes] 0.9.0

Download AweCal vers.2.4 4smiLK 1.5 New! version

App AWECAL VERS.1.5 FLCL 2.4 Version on Mac mini

Free AweCal 3.4 tNtq 1.7 Updated version

Software 7CGEV VER 1.8 AWECAL 2.4 New iMac

Free DEFOEM VERSION 1.7 AWECAL 1.5 New Mac mini
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