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v.3.6.Procoding.dmg how install for Mac

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Procoding allows you to create interactive visuals. The clean and beautiful integrated one-window interface, individually optimized for the best JavaScript coding experience, featuring a syntax highlighting and code-checking editor with automatic live-preview and integrated reference, brings back the fun in programming with JavaScript. Procoding is a mobile-code-sketching IDE for JavaScript, focusing on creative coding and small mobile WebApps using Web technologies like HTML5/Canvas. Your sketches automatically sync with Procoding Mobile via iCloud, so you can run (and edit!) your sketches on your iPad or iPhone (the optional Procoding Mobile app is available as a separate download on the iTunes App Store). You can also export your sketches as stand-alone HTML5 project folder. No more project setups and HTML boiler-plate code: with Procoding you are ready to sketch out your ideas!

- Create, edit, and run HTML5 Canvas .js or Processing(js) .pde sketches
- Full featured code editor including syntax highlighting, autocompletion, expression evaluator, color selector (click on color values), number slider (drag to change numbers), find and replace and stylish themes
- iCloud keeps your sketches in sync across devices; Procoding Mobile for iPad and iPhone is available as an optional, separate download from the AppStore
- Automatic Live Preview
- Easy to add images, sounds, custom fonts, HTML-snippets, CSS files, JS-libraries, and additional code (classes) with the Resource Manager: just drag-and-drop files and a JavaScript object, and a variable with the name of the file is automatically created; it's really easy to add popular Canvas-based JavaScript libraries
- Export as HTML5 stand-alone project folder and run your sketches on any modern Web browser without Procoding
- PDE and JS File import/export
- Save screenshots
- Integrated reference index with syntax snippet inserter (drag-and-drop to editor); included extensive offline reference for JavaScript (ECMA/JavaScript, native APIS like Canvas, JSON, Geolocation, Local Storage..., HTML, CSS)
- Integrated webkit console and (for HTML5 projects) a JSHint live syntax checker to find and fix errors as you type
- Supports Autosave and Versions
- Comes with exciting demo sketches, e.g., showing how to use multitouch, geolocation, and many others
- Supports processing.js* and processing-mobile.js

* Procoding uses HTML5 Canvas and has built-in support for processing.js, a JavaScript port of the processing language. Therefore some features of Processing aren't supported:
- No external processing libraries
- P3D (WebGL) is supported by Procoding, but not by Procoding Mobile
- Modified processing.js source code

New MacOS xkX-Procoding-vers.5.6.zip | 37287 kbytes |

Recomended on El Captan XxcC3B_3.8_Procoding.pkg | 36660 kbytes |

Michael Markert

Version on iMac Pro VER..3.5.SNAP.H5VV.APP {285 kbytes} 1.7

Recomended for Mojave AEGFX_VER._3.4.7_WEB_DUMPER.PKG {12482 kbytes} 3.4.1

iMac Pro PRQ.VER..1.0.4.CYCLONIS.PASSWORD.MANAGER.ZIP {87848 kbytes} 1.2.5

for OS X vers.3.4.LuckNews.Eni8.zip {10506 kbytes} 4.2

[36974 kb] App b2G Procoding 5.6 4.6 New OS X

[35720 kb] Get ver. 3.7 Procoding ss4Uf 4.6 10.13.4

[28200 kb] koXK v 5.6 Procoding 3.8 Recomended to El Captan

[27260 kb] Free fQXC version 3.7 Procoding 3.10 Version 10.14.3

[31960 kb] Free vers.3.7 Procoding Jyv 3.10 El Captan

[31020 kb] Software VERSION 3.10 PROCODING 4EIYT 3.9 MacOS

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