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where download 💥 blastviewer v 2.4 on OS X

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✅ ◍ 2.4_BlastViewer.app

BlastViewer provides an interactive graphical user interface for the analysis of the reports produced by the BLAST sequence database search system. BlastViewer is an easy to use software designed for everyday biological sequence analysis relying on BLAST. It allows an easy visualisation and analysis of the huge amount of data usualy contained in a BLAST result file.
Available Features:
- read result files produced by the NCBI and EBI Blast facilities
- open files by a simple drag and drop from the Mac Finder
- keep opened simultaneously several BLAST results to analyse and to compare more data quickly
- view a reminder of the parameters used by BLAST during a database scanning
- analyse hits data in a reconfigurable table viewer
- analyse a summary of sequence alignments with a map viewer
- analyse the details of a sequence alignment with a coloured-enhanced sequence alignment viewer
- get more data about any hits by a direct connection to the NCBI databases
- display full hit entry in your favorite Web browser

Version to High Sierra ver.-2.7-BlastViewer-qJ7.tar.gz

Updated 10.11.5 UODl_BlastViewer_version_4.4.pkg

Updated MacBook Air blastviewer-v.2.8-vsp.dmg

Featured Sierra o8x_BlastViewer_v_2.6.dmg

Updated MacBook Pro SsM.2.5.BlastViewer.pkg


OS X v.3.2.SysTools.Office.365.Backup.42Or.dmg | 36814 kbytes | 5.0

Featured! version vers.1.3.1_LocalizeWiz_NYna.dmg | 9728 kbytes | 1.0.3

New! version Space-Drop-v.2.2-CkJeQ.zip | 5871 kbytes | 1.8

Updated on MacBook Pro version_4.138.1-0_BitNami_Jenkins_Stack_HJX62.pkg | 445202 kbytes | 2.89.4-0

to MacOS v.!.qdKnG.pkg | 32065 kbytes |

Recomended! version uNx4I-NRGship-UPS-version-1.6.8.dmg | 3736 kbytes | 2.6.4

(9504 kb) Download BLASTVIEWER VERS 2.6 QJDV 3.4 Best! version

(6549 kb) Software SKHbys BlastViewer vers 2.6 2.5 Featured MacOS

(7348 kb) Download Rro1OG BlastViewer vers.3.4 2.8 10.13.5

(9344 kb) App 2.5 BlastViewer E4yNO 3.4 New! version

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