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final 4.1 zCommander where download

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Description: File Management
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➣ 4.1.zCommander.zip

zCommander is advanced and comprehensive file management software. It looks simple, but is actually beautiful, powerful, and rapid. Must-have software for all users (especially for migrators from Windows and power-users). No more searching for Total Commander.

- Familiar double pane for file list view and each pane can have multiple tabs
- Sorted items by elements (name, extension, date, etc.)
- You can do most file operations with only the keyboard, so it’s simple and fast (of course, you can customise input interface or do it with your mouse)
- Copy-and-paste support like Windows Explorer
- Advanced filtering support
- Quick search by typing
- Multi-threaded support (copy, move, delete)
- Advanced file search (by name-matching, date, size, and contents)
- Easy and fast folder bookmark and history management
- You can customise look-and-feel to what you want

Updated OS X vers.4.3.zCommander.anJ.dmg [2171 kb]

Version MacBook Air zCommander_v_3.6_RsZa.app [2472 kb]

to 10.14.1 zCommander_ver_3.7_bp5.pkg [1913 kb]

Updated version VER_4.4_ZCOMMANDER_DZIA7.PKG [1784 kb]

Best to 10.13.5 KP0K_v.3.9_zCommander.tar.gz [2365 kb]

Official: http://zcommander.net

Serial key

El Captan vers.1.5.6.Instashare.paJr7.app {8470 kb} 1.4.7

Recomended 10.14 vers.2.2.Fireplace.vcqc.dmg {99329 kb} 1.5

New iMac H29Ni_v_3.0_WaterApp.zip {3015 kb} 1.3

New MacBook elPZF-ver-2.1.2-AudioConverter.pkg {979 kb} 2.3.2

on High Sierra ZtM5bV_ver_1.3.4_PapiBatting.app {1489 kb} 1.0.7

Software zCommander ver. 4.2 jq87P 3.8 OS X

Free RCW ZCOMMANDER VER. 3.5 4.0 New to El Captan

Get ver. 3.5 zCommander kCIkr 3.2 Featured on 10.11.5

Update version 3.3 zCommander CRYbL 3.9 Updated 10.14.1

Software FGH7 V.3.7 ZCOMMANDER 3.8 Best for MacOS
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