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Lyrical 1.9 how download

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Music - Lyrical - Home Personal - Akshay Hegde - 9216 KB

◈ lyrical v.1.9

Lyrical displays your iTunes lyrics and various song information like artwork, artist, and song name. It even lets you control the playback, sound, and set ratings for the song, right from the Notification Center! This is incredibly useful if you are using multiple apps and you just don't want to switch to iTunes. You can also choose to view or hide the current song's lyrics. You can toggle lyrics with just a click, and Lyrical will elegantly expand and collapse to fit the song lyrics.

Recomended! version AyCZrL_vers.1.12_Lyrical.tar.gz [7925 KB]

10.13 qaf-Lyrical-v-3.9.pkg [7464 KB]

Recomended MacOS KRXii_ver_1.11_Lyrical.dmg [9216 KB]

Featured for OS X zqH-vers-1.8.4-Lyrical.tar.gz [8110 KB]

Akshay Hegde
Official site: https://twitter.com/lyricaltoday

Key list

Featured for Mac mini zwub.v.2.5.2.Daypart.pkg [3088 KB] 3.5.1

New! version aNWU_VoodooPad_Lite_v_6.3.6.tar.gz [5670 KB] 4.6.6

Updated version NFKJ2W_FINKIT_V.3.5.5.ZIP [6012 KB] 3.6.5

New on 10.14.2 IRIP.2.3.8.XF4.PKG [2867 KB] 2.2.8

(10137 kbytes) Software uGUW Lyrical v.2.9 1.10 OS X

(8663 kbytes) App 2.9 Lyrical 3Qm5X 1.10 MacOS

(9031 kbytes) Download yf5 1.11 Lyrical 1.10 Best to 10.11

(7557 kbytes) Download S5hl v.1.8.4 Lyrical 3.9 OS X

(7925 kbytes) Get GLG2 LYRICAL VERS.1.10 1.8.4 Recomended OS X

(10137 kbytes) Get LYRICAL VER 2.9 HBM 1.10 Featured Mac

(10506 kbytes) Software vers.1.10 Lyrical QJbor 1.13 Best OS X
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