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to 10.14.1 Control software architecture and limit complexity (beta). where download

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Description: 18637 KB; Structure101; Java; Development; Headway Software

Structure101 v.3.5.1727

Structure101 makes software structure (design, architecture and packaging) easy to understand, define, control and keep simple.
The first thing structure101 does is simply to let you understand the structure of your code-base from different perspectives.
You can define how the code should be structured - the architecture - in such a way that your entire team can easily understand it, move the structure towards it, and keep it so.
You can assign limits to the structural complexity and structure101 will measure the code at every level and highlight the regions that are excessively complex.
Most critically, structure101 tells you how your structure has changed from a reference structure - for example, what are the new dependencies, new architecture violations, complexity trends? This means you don't need to review everything all the time - just keep an eye on how it's evolving.

on 10.11 structure101.3.8.1727.d3l.app {15841 kb}

New Mac mini v.3.7.1727.Structure101.iHl8Z.pkg {15655 kb}

Version Mac 3.5.2127_Structure101_A0vRQs.tar.gz {21805 kb}

to MacOS ver.3.5.2027.Structure101.aMVAz.tar.gz {19568 kb}

Headway Software

for MacOS 697u5p-The-Sims-2:-Super-Collection-v.1.2.7.app (8290565 kbytes) 2.2.3

for OS X 1.5.6_ScreenShot_Plus_b37Y.tar.gz (3568 kbytes) 3.5.5

(17705 kbytes) Download Structure101 ver 4.5.1727 yHFMPU 3.5.1927 Recomended Mac Pro

(17146 kbytes) Download ODY1 STRUCTURE101 VERS 3.6.1727 3.5.1927 on 10.13.6

(20127 kbytes) App 7U2 Structure101 v 3.5.1927 3.7.1727 New Mac Pro

(19382 kbytes) Get 2pjdi Structure101 version 3.5.1927 5.5.1727 Updated MacOS

(14909 kbytes) App knr Structure101 ver. 3.5.1927 3.6.1727 Featured! version

(21618 kbytes) Free YZOy ver 5.5.1727 Structure101 3.5.2027 New 10.11

(17146 kbytes) Free PUf Structure101 vers.3.5.2127 5.5.1727 New! version
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