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(top 9) how install 1.4.HarmonEye.app to 10.13.6

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◇ 1.4 HarmonEye

HarmonEye allows you to see what you hear. What looks like a retina of an eye is a unique software application that listens to the music and shows you the tones and chords being played. From any audio. In real-time. From that you can easily see the melody, chords and the key of your favorite songs. Including the nuances like a singer’s vibrato. You can write it down, or just look at it for hours and be amazed by your new absolute pitch.
- Visualizes the tones from the music in a circle
- Tones from all octaves are aggregated into a single one
- Each tone bin is yet divided to see vibrato, slides, etc.
- Switch to the circle of fifths (e.g., to see modulations between keys)
- Switch to the accumulation mode to average the tones over time
- Pause!
- Works in real-time
- Takes music from the default audio input (e.g., microphone, line-in)
- With the Soundflower driver, route system audio output and listen to iTunes, YouTube, anything

for High Sierra VERSION_1.5_HARMONEYE_WCJ.DMG (7859 kb)

Recomended for Mac ryNs_ver._3.4_HarmonEye.pkg (9104 kb)

Best 10.11.5 wACr25_1.6_HarmonEye.tar.gz (8093 kb)

Best to iMac Pro v.2.4-HarmonEye-JX7ASf.dmg (7859 kb)

Mac Pro HarmonEye-v-1.7-IkZ.tar.gz (9260 kb)

Best to MacOS HarmonEye-1.8-ApSPy8.tar.gz (6614 kb)

Updated Mojave dcGHu_HarmonEye.zip (7859 kb)

FAIROS MEDIA, spol. s r.o.
Official: http://harmoneye.com/

Best! version vaQS_v.3.3.5_Pomodoro.app [1229 KB] 1.4.5

Best! version WA2.v.1.6.Smart.Wall.app [515 KB] 3.3

Updated version v2d-ver.-2.3-Jane-Angel:-Templar-Mystery.tar.gz [80732 KB] 3.0

Featured for El Captan Graphical-Analysis-v-4.7.3-1118-pY6F.app [97657 KB] 4.7.2-1118

Updated MacOS 3cN.Color.by.Numbers.-.Princesses.1.1.2.zip [32685 KB] 1.2.0

Recomended! version JFYVU.Quantum.Calculator.vers.2.0.tar.gz [5857 KB] 1.1
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